Heart Content grew from a passion for storytelling.
Naturally curious, we bring big thinking on brand and content to small business. Nobody does what you do quite the way that you do it. We want to hear your story and help you
tell it to the people that matter.


Amey Lee
Director | Strategist | Copywriter | Content Lover

With a career in the communications industry that spans more than ten years, Amey is an integrated communications specialist.

In her role as a producer, she worked with clients to create some of the first branded content in Australia. Whilst at the BBC in London, she was part of a team that delivered a multi-platform environmental learning campaign throughout the U.K. and broke a world record in the process.

She's worked in everything from Public Relations, Film and Television production and Event Management, to Advertising, Brand Management, Digital and for a little while, even Video Games.

Amey's creative brain can turn out winning ideas and brilliant copy, whilst her strategic half is an expert in finding your difference, establishing your value, identifying your audience and translating these ideas into tangible goals that help to grow your business. She knows what makes good content and believes that it starts with the right brand story.

Amey was the little girl who always asked "Why?"  and never stopped. She'll ask the "Why?" about your business and help you turn it into a meaningful brand and inspiring content that truly connects with your customers.


Office Manager | Staff Morale

Maille (pronounced May-lee) doesn't know it, but she was sort of named after mustard. Her human parents wanted something unique and something to do with food. Being a Malteagle (yes, you read that right, Maille's a Beagle x Maltese) names were never going to be a simple part of her doggy life.

No matter though. She'll come running when you call her name (there might be treats!) and when she wants something she knows exactly how to flash those brown eyes to make things swing her way. Thankfully, she uses them for good and not evil as Heart Content's office manager.

Given she sleeps on the job, demands belly scratches throughout the day and gets up only to woof mildly at possible office intruders (before wholeheartedly welcoming them with a waggly tail) she's mostly in charge of staff morale rather than answering the phone. Good thing she was born for the job.