Brand Story Development

Your brand is more than your logo and colour palette. It's everything your customer touches. From the way your receptionist answers the phone to the content on your website, from your printed marketing material to the way you sign off an email.

Our brand story development process will ask all the questions you need to ask to develop a brand story with heart.

We help you build the brand values and vision, tone of voice, audience profiles and points of difference that will help you ensure your brand story is told consistently at every single customer touch point throughout your business.

Content Audits


Are all the marketing assets you have for your business telling the same story?

Our content audit takes a look at all the communication tools in your business such as brochures, websites, blogs, proposals and sales emails and reports back with ways that you can improve these to tell a more consistent story. When all your touch points are in alignment and you live up to the brand story you're telling, you build trust with your customers. When you build trust, you build your business.

Website Audits

Your website is the main communication platform for your business. Is it doing it's job?

Websites that have confusing layouts and menu structures, no clear calls to action, design that looks like it's from twenty years ago and content that hasn't been updated in several years don't inspire much confidence.

Our website audit looks at how your website performs from a content and user perspective and provides a detailed report on how you can make both short and long term changes, so your website converts more online leads into lifelong customers.